Too few fish in the sea?

Riddle of R & L3. Stroke of genius?4. Attitudes are a' changin' 1. Is it the overfishing?
2. Climate 'n fish
3. Ecology of overfishing

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Tools of Climatology

Global Shortages Loom

Fish Fauna

Historical Overfishing and the Recent Collapse of Coastal Ecosystems, Jeremy Jackson et al, Science, 27 July, 2001, pp. 629-37.

Whose Fish Are They, Anyway? John Magnuson et al, Science, August 17, 2001.

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What's on your plate? Endangered fish worldwide

A virtual kelp forest

Shark! International Shark Attack File

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In hot water: climate indices.

Swim on over to NMFS for more on aquaculture and fisheries.

Reel in the world of fishing with the Food & Agriculture Organization of the U.N.

More on ocean and marine conservation:

National Coalition for Marine Conservation

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