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Be My Scientific Valentine


1. A day for lovers

2. Chocolate 'n your heart

3. Canadian is

4. Bird mating: She rules!


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single piece of chocolateChocolate
Love chocolate?

Chocolate shortage?

Science of love


Natural gas


The De Beers Story: A New Cut on an Old Monopoly, Fortune, Feb 19, 2001, Nicholas Stein.

The Barren Lands: An Epic Search for Diamonds in the North American Arctic, Kevin Krajick, Henry Holt & Co, 2002 (A highly entertaining yarn of diamond strike in Canada's North).

Effect of Cocoa Powder and Dark Chocolate on LDL..., Ying Wan, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Nov. 2001, pp. 596-602 (see also editorial, pp. 563-4.

Male Displays Adjusted to Female's Responses, Gail Patricelli et al, Nature, 17 Jan. 2002, pp. 279-80.

Worldwide chocolate supplies threatened.

Where does chocolate fit into the FDA's Food Pyramid?

Keep your cholesterol under more chocolate?

Check this out... a committee that regulates the production of chocolate.

Is chocolate healthy? Are women's cravings cultural or chemical? CNN has the answers.


Mining in the remote and rugged Northwest Territory.

Stroll through this museum exhibit about the rock of love.

Ready for some good fembot lovin'?

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's a flying casanova!

Simmer down! The sensitive bird scores.

Check out the Bowerbird bachelor pad.

This gallery is for the birds.

Strike it rich on our credits page.










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