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1. Grease monkeys in space

2. Some instamatic camera!

3. Image gallery

4. Quirky quasars

5. Spectacular spectrum

6. This star done gone

7. What's making these gamma rays?

8. Wheel of stars

9. Gaseous galaxy

10. Really northern lights

11. Ships do it

12. Demolition derby



  Jupiter on fire
Neon blue rings of light swirl above planet.
Jupiter's north pole erupts in a spasm of light in this ultraviolet image, taken in 1998. Akin to Earth's aurora borealis, the light is caused by high-energy electrons travelling along Jupiter's magnetic field and then reaching the atmosphere in the polar regions. However, three bright spots are caused by electric currents generated by Jupiter's moons that are interacting with the giant planet's magnetic field. The brightest such "footprint" -- at the far left -- comes from the moon Io.




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