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1. Grease monkeys in space

2. Some instamatic camera!

3. Image gallery

4. Quirky quasars

5. Spectacular spectrum

6. This star done gone

7. What's making these gamma rays?

8. Wheel of stars

9. Gaseous galaxy

10. Really northern lights

11. Ships do it

12. Demolition derby



  Wicked wave
Small bright arc in center surrounded by orange-white ghostly clouds.
When a ship moves through water, its front makes a wave called a "bow shock." A similar phenomenon appears when interstellar winds collide. This 1995 image shows slow-moving gas from the Orion Nebula (it's to the lower right of the picture), meeting wind from the young star LL Ori, center. A similar wind from our sun causes auroras. By studying fine-grain images like this composite of Hubble images, astronomers hope to understand how and why so many stars are forming in this region, 1,500 light years from us.




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