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1. Grease monkeys in space

2. Some instamatic camera!

3. Image gallery

4. Quirky quasars

5. Spectacular spectrum

6. This star done gone

7. What's making these gamma rays?

8. Wheel of stars

9. Gaseous galaxy

10. Really northern lights

11. Ships do it

12. Demolition derby


  Hubble's greatest hits (click on thumbnail for more info):
All images from NASA and Space Telescope Science Institute.

Left: Bright red-yellow objects against dark sky, one is spiral, the other  elliptical. Top right: two bright red-yellow spirals above a dimmer fireball.  Bottom right: two bright red-yellow spirals. Left: Dark clouds in front of bright background.  Right: Zig-zag  spectrograph color lines show shift from green to red on one side, and from green to blue on the other side. Hollow egg-shaped nebula with golden walls and hues of blue and purple gases.
Bright circle in middle of orange-red sky, with swirls of gas around it. Giant, bright blue ring circles white egg-shaped object. Web-like clouds in colors of blue, purple, yellow, orange.
Neon blue rings of light swirl above planet. Small bright arc in center surrounded by orange-white ghostly clouds. 3-4 bright oval-shaped swirls circled by cloud-like formations and strings of new stars.



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