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1. Science of baseball2. Denver's big advantage3. Love that curve ball! 4. Rained out?5. National spot: Mouth cancer

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The Physics of Baseball, Robert Adair, Harper & Row, 1990.

Tobacco Habits and Risk of Lung, Oropharyngeal and Oral Cavity Cancer, R.P. Dikshit et al, International Journal of Epidemiology, Aug. 2000, pp. 609-14.

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Play Ball! The official site of Major League Baseball.

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Fame! Their balls and bats will live forever.

Ever yell "fumble" at a baseball game? Get primed on the basics of baseball.

When's the best time to plant your tush into first base? Check the Baseball Almanac.

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Little batter up!

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Explore the science of baseball.

Oral Cancer
Foul Mouth! Chewing tobacco and oral cancer.

It's not too late to quit, the nicotine patch can help.

What's in your mouth? More from the American Dental Association.

What you need to know about oral cancer from the National Cancer Institute.


We predict a bright sun-shiny day.

Baseball Math
Play Math!? An online baseball math game.

Bat + Ball = Home Run. Teaching math to grades 7-10.

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Hey Batter Batter Batter. Play this swinging online math game.

Figure This! Baseball challenge 11 and challenge 14.

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