1.The Natural Why-Quirer (story map)

2.GM corn squabble

3.Nature pulls a U-turn

4.New news on old experiments

5.Madness in the method?


POSTED 25 APR 2002

More than meets the eye in Scientific Scandal!How do they know? Scientific method--or madness?
Headline of 'The Natural Why-Quirer' reads: Mutant Corn Invades Mexico!

    Bob the mutant corncob says: 'more'
      The Why Files
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Terry Devitt, Esq., editor; Pamela Jackson, twisted project assistant; S.V. Medaris, designer/illustrator of chicken most fowl; David Tenenbaum, ink-stained wretch; Amy Toburen, feets-on-the-ground, legal advice, libel protection