War on Archeology


1. Digging under fire

2. Dig Iraq?

3. Archeology - political tool

4. Rocket museum


Cambodia sculpture image from photo courtesy of Scott Dworkin


Cambodia sculpture Related Why Files

Hazards of fieldwork

Salvage archeology

Inventing agriculture

Inventing writing

Rockets, space and science:
Hubble telescope

X-ray astronomy

Missile defense


Problems in space

Scientific methods

Destruction in Mesopotamia, Andrew Lawler, Science, 6 July 2001, pp. 37ff.

Nationalism, Politics, and the Practice of Archeology, 1996, Cambridge University Press, Philip Kohl and Clare Fawcett, editors.

Reliving the Nightmare [Peenemunde rocket museum], Shareen Brysac, Archeology, May/June 2002, pp. 63-7.

Resisting Hitler: Mildred Harnack and the Red Orchestra, Shareen Brysac, Oxford University Press, 2000.

Strife May Delay Some Expeditions, John Noble Wilford, The New York Times, Oct. 30, 2001.

War is Latest Assault on Progress in Yemeni Science, Richard Stone, Science, 26 Oct. 2001, pp. 767 ff.

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).

Society for American Archaeology.

Society for Historical Archaeology.

Biblical Archaeology Society.

Man...does this foundation study man.

If it's Greek to you, check out this site on the Acropolis.

Virtually excavate the Middle East.

Lift off with Wernher von Braun and the German rocket club.

The mythic master race in German space.

NASA's eye in the sky does archaeology.

Explore ancient world cultures.

Take an archaeological walk in the park.

City slicking through the world of urban archaeology.

It's a hill...it's a knoll...it's an effigy mound!

Venture through the Indus Valley.

The saga of the Nineveh marbles.

Smithsonian resources on archaeology.

The Nationalism Project

Dig our credits page.




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