War on Archeology

  The Why Files Staff

Terry Devitt

Pamela Jackson
project assistant

Sue Medaris

Darrell Schulte

David Tenenbaum
feature writer

Amy Toburen
content development

  Interview subjects

 *Shareen Brysac
journalist, author
Resisting Hitler: Mildred Harnack and the Red Orchestra, Oxford University Press, 2000
 *Jonathan Mark Kenoyer
professor of archeology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
  Aren Maeir
director, Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project
Institute of Archaeology, Bar Ilan University, Israel
  Jeremy Sabloff
director, archeology museum
University of Pennsylvania
  Elizabeth Stone
professor of archeology
University of Chicago
  Nancy Wilkie
president, Archeological Institute of America
professor of archeology, Carlton College
  * denotes factchecker


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