1. Insolent invaders

2. Slitherin' snakeheads

3. Got crabs?

4. Super swine

5. Too many blooms

6. Bogus buckthorn

7. Argentine ants

8. Weed of a 1,000 leaves

9. Weed-beater success story

This invader takes over old farm fields. Left alone, it becomes a nasty enemy of plants and mammals alike. Image of Multiflora Rose courtesy Wisconsin DNR


Wanted dead, not alive INVADING SPECIES Feral pig, Sus scrofa. Photo:Pig on its haunches, slobbery with mud or dung. With aliases: Wild boar, wild hog...


Large, thorny, flowery rose plant that spreads quickly and pushes out native vegetation, creating impenetrable thickets. Once promoted by state conservation departments as "living fence."


Considered thorned and dangerous. Builds huge, nasty clumps, up to 10 feet tall, 20 feet diameter. Best to control early; may need bulldozer to eradicate big clumps.


Dare you to hug this tree!




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