1. Insolent invaders

2. Slitherin' snakeheads

3. Got crabs?

4. Super swine

5. Too many blooms

6. Bogus buckthorn

7. Argentine ants

8. Weed of a 1,000 leaves

9. Weed-beater success story

Common buckthorn Photo courtesy K.E. Bolin, National Park Service


Wanted dead, not alive INVADING SPECIES: SPECIES: Common Buckthorn, <i>Rhamnus cathartica</i>; Glossy Buckthorn<i>, R.frangula</i> Alias Unknown IMAGE: Plant has inky black berries, lightly toothed, oval leaves with a point.


Shrubby trees growing to 40 feet tall, can invade uplands (common buckthorn). And wetlands (glossy buckthorn). Heavily invasive, tolerates sun or heavy shade, leafs out early, stays green until late fall. Produces heavy crop of seeds. Can dominate protected woodlands and wetlands.



Resprouts from roots if stem is cut; control by poisoning or pulling.

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Gadzooks! Got ants in your pants?




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