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1. Scientific journals - muzzled!

2. Smallpox toolkit

3. Physical secrets

4. Biowar treasure chest

5. Making the decision



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Biohazard, Ken Alibek, Random House, 1999.

Designer Bugs, Jon Cohen, The Atlantic, July-Aug. 2002, pp. 113-24.

Open Publications as Sources of Biological and Chemical Terrorism: Defining the Problem and Applying Remedies, Raymond Zilinskas, in James Brown (ed.), Implications of 9/11 on National Security and the Path Forward to Peace: Twelfth Annual International Arms Control Conference, (Albuquerque, NM: Sandia National Laboratory), 2002, pp. 144-160.

Publish and Perish? As the Nation Fights Terrorists, Scientists Weigh the Risks of Releasing Sensitive Information, Richard Monastersky, Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 11, 2002, pp. A16-A19.

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