Shark attack: menace or myth?

1. Shark repellent

2. How dangerous?

3. Shark lovers

4. A social killer?

5.Hammerhead's head

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Collapse and Conservation of Shark Populations in the Northwest Atlantic, Julia K. Baum, Ransom A. Myers, Daniel G. Kehler, Boris Worm, Shelton J. Harley, and Penny A. Doherty, Science 17 January 2003; 299: 389-392.

Shark safety

WW II shark attack.

Visit Costa RicaĆ­s Cocos Island where there are more sharks per cubic yard than anywhere else on the planet!

No, not these sharks!

A plethora of places to study sharks.

Yes, but what does Shamu have to say about this?

Shark teeth in Maryland?


Shark repellent in the news

Sharks. Lots and lots of sharks.

The worldwide shark attack summary of 2003.

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