Is big brother watching you?


1. Year of the radio ID tag

2. How'zit work?

3. Piglets, pill bottles 'n passports

4. Yes. We are watching

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What are you looking at?

More RFID Info
What's next

U.S. passports get chipped

Beefing up beef security

Michael Faraday, father of induction

A list of transponder technologies

RFID's ROI; Benefits and Costs Still Are Being Defined, John S. Mcclenahen & Traci Purdum, Industry Week, November, 2004

Chip Makers

Auto-ID labs

Some Thoughts on Privacy
Jeff Harrow's Future Brief

Privacy Activism's surveillance site

Opposition to RFIDs
Including RFID in Passports Could Lead to Identity Theft, John Jerney, The Daily Yomiuri (Tokyo), October 26, 2004

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Wal-Mart (yes, it truly IS everywhere, even on The Why Files)
Wal-Mart's RFID requirements

Frontline reveals why is Wal-Mart powerful enough to determine the ways technology develops

Wal-Mart had a major impact on the implementation of the barcode

Tag, You're Late. Why Wal-Mart's suppliers won't make the Jan. 1 deadline for RFID tagging, Thomas Wailgum, CIO Magazine, November 15, 2004.

Networking; Retailers Leap Over Unexpected Hurdles In Deploying RFID Tags, Laurie Sullivan, Computing, November 4, 2004

On Big Brother
Who was George Orwell anyway?

So that's what Orwellian means...

Now, this is Orwellian

The 2003 Big Brother Award for Consumer "Protection"

The good kind of Big Brother

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