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Love Is in the Air

Love: It's in the Chemicals

Breaking Ground

War on Archeology

Everyday Archeology

Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, Jared Diamond, Viking Penguin, 2005.

The Control of Nature, John McPhee, Collins Publishers, 1989.

The Song of the Dodo, David Quammen, Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, 1996.

Love at Goon Park, Deborah Blum, Perseus Publishing, 2002.

Collapse by Jared Diamond
Radio interview with Mr. Diamond

Malcolm Gladwell Reviews Collapse

Mayan Ruins

Lost Mayan Society


Easter Island

Easter Island in Words and Pictures

Control of Nature by John McPhee
The Control of Nature

Salon Reviews The Control of Nature

Iceland Nature Conservation

What is Aatchafalaya?

Song of the Dodo by David Quammen
The Dodo

Dodo related to Pigeons.

Animal Diversity Web

Love at Goon Park by Deborah Blum
Meet Harry Harlow

People and Discoveries

Harry Harlow in the Boston Globe

The Science of Love


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