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Why-Mart:Making Scientists Smile. Always
Gifts for the insatiable scientist
In the year of the useful, utility beats futility. Shop Why-Mart for gifts for those impossible-to-please scientists on your list! Don't embarrass yourself by giving a scarf or perfume to someone who spends their 9-to-5 explaining the universe.

Man in yellow hard hat stares up at large red metal rings, the world's fastest camera40 million images!!!!!Super-fast digital camera
Digital camera takes 40 million pix a second! The Regional Calorimeter Trigger is a signal processing system to analyze collisions at world's largest particle accelerator, now being built in Europe. A real stocking-stuffer!

An enormous, but extremely specific in what it attracts, magnet is surrounded by metal structure.900 megahertz magnet!!One attractive magnet
Supermagnet gets to work! This 900 megahertz magnet(!) is the world's most accurate, extra-handy for ultra-precise structural pictures of materials, biological samples.

Black and ready to hold your books, this backpack has solar panels to recharge your elecrontics on the goCordless Recharger!Solar backpack
Solar backpack recharges batteries! This full-fledged backpack with flexible solar panels(!) recharges small electronic gadgets wherever sun shines.

brownish grey miceThese babies are knockouts!Custom-made mice
Tailor-Made! These rodents have specific genes blocked to show what those genes do. They can be used to study cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and so much more!

hand holds spectrometer by top handleInstantly detects!Mini Mass Spectrometer
Hand-Held Analyzer Detects Drugs, TNT! The hand-held(!) mass spectrometer instantly detects drugs, explosives, and chemical signs of disease.

sliderule and leather casemanually calculates!!Antique slide rule
Slide rule with GENUINE wooden core, leather case! Manually calculates squares, square roots, trig functions, other mathematical functions.


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