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One attractive magnet

click for bigger image: An enormous, but extremely accurate, magnet is surrounded by metal structure.supermagnet
has "pull" aplenty!

Item description: 900 megahertz magnet is world's most accurate, extra-handy for ultra-precise structural pictures of materials, biological samples.900 megahertz

Photo and diagram (below) from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Schematic diagram of the 900MHz Magnet within it's cryostatProduct features

Item creates magnetic field 420,000 times stronger than Earth's.

Excellent for precise analysis of biological, chemical structures.

Item has precision of 2 parts per million over volume as big as orange.

Item can study large samples (inside diameter 89+ millimeters).

Item uses "superconducting shims" to boost field accuracy.

Contains 2,400 liters of liquid helium to cool superconducting magnets.

Item location

National High Magnetic field Laboratory, Florida State University.

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User reviews

3 of 4 readers found this comment useful:
"Why stick the magnet to the fridge when you can stick the fridge to the magnet?" - J. Gauss, Germany

1 of 4 readers found this comment useful:
"Dang! I just about lost my false teeth!"

Caution: Not for use by people with titanium knees or pacemakers.

Shipment terms
Contact vendor. Item is 16 feet tall, weighs 15 tons.

Inquire. One-of-a-kind item, built with funding from National Science Foundation.

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