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POSTED 15 DEC 2005
Field researchers: Can't afford a 50-mile extension cord?

Black and ready to hold your books, this backpack has solar panels to recharge your elecrontics on the go. Solar Backpack
recharges batteries

Item description: Full-featured backpack with flexible solar panels recharges small electronic gadgets wherever sun shines

Product features

Backpack has padded shoulder straps, 3 solar panels, battery, routing for cables.

PV panels supply 4 watts in bright sunlight.

Item suitable for charging cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, 2-way radios.

Supplied lithium ion battery holds extra solar electricity; can be recharged from house or car. Cordless Recharger!

Packaging includes adapter cables.

Item will not charge laptop; not suitable for cloudy conditions.

User reviews

3 of 4 readers found this comment useful:
"It's almost enough to make you believe in electricity" - M. Faraday, England

More information: Voltaic Systems, Inc.

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