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Mini Mass Spectrometer

man holds box with lit up screen. Size: 7in x 8in x 13in, 16lbs Hand-Held Analyzer
detects Drugs, TNT

Item description: Hand-held mass spectrometer instantly detects drugs, explosives, chemical signs of disease.

Photo: R. Graham Cooks

Product features

Item uses new technology to detect ultra-tiny amounts of chemicals, explosives, pollutants, medicines, proteins, etc.

Product can separate chemicals for purification.

Item does analysis in seconds.

Item can process 10 samples/second!

No sample preparation! Instrument can analyze urine on paper or explosives on skin.

Instantly detects!Product background

Mass spectrometry measures mass of charged particles (ions); is standard technique for detecting chemicals. Traditional mass-spec instruments are large, cumbersome, and slow. New instrument uses desorption electrospray ionization; sprays solvent at sample to release ions; instrument then sucks up ions. Item developed by R. Graham Cooks, Zheng Ouyang and Rob Noll at Chemistry Department, Purdue University, with funding from National Science Foundation.

Item location

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., laboratory of R. Graham Cooks

User reviews

1 of 2 readers found this comment useful:
"Really separates the wheat from the chaff!" - Anonymous, Wheatland, Kan.

2 of 3 readers found this comment useful:
"This could make me obsolete..." - Zorro the drug-sniffing mongrel, O'Hare Airport, Chicago

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