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The worth of wilderness; the need for nature



* William Cronon
professor of history and geography
University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Peter Kottke
department of geology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Curt Meine
author and conservation biologist.

Jim Pease
assistant professor of natural resource ecology and management
Iowa State University.

Clayton Russell
associate professor of environmental and outdoor education
Northland College.

Roger Ulrich
a professor of landscape architecture
Texas A&M University.

* indicates fact-checker

1Wilderness challenge programs for delinquent youth: A metaanalysis of outcome evaluations. Wilson, Sandra Jo; Lipsey, Mark W.; Evaluation and Program Planning, Vol 23(1), Feb 2000. pp. 1-12.

2Aldo Leopold: His life and work, Curt Meine, University of Wisconsin Press, 1988.


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